Oscars Best Picture Predictions 2020

Right from the Oscars debut to the most recent Oscars event, the Best Picture has always been the most popular topic to discuss. The Best Picture is the most interesting one because it could represent all of the qualities of the movie.

Oscars Best Picture Predictions 2020

If you are just like many other people, you will surely have sort of questions about what films which are going to get the Best Picture. The Picture category is indeed one of the hypest niches. Check out the predictions below.

First things first, we could take a look at the frontrunners list. The front runners are Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, 1917, The Irishman, Jojo Rabbit, Marriage Story, as well as Parasite. These films score an Oscar nomination for Best Picture.

Of course, Joker comes up as one of the nominees. It is a major player in the competition. The film itself has gotten the wins at PGA, BAFTA, as well as Globes.

So, obviously, Joker is getting the big chance to attain the Best Picture. But it is still a long way to the Best Picture win. The other film is Little Women which has the PGA nod.

Some folks suggest that Knives Out should get such recognition, which some experts doubt that. Obviously, it is not a bad film at all. But Knives Out is top favorite film for people. People love it and they slate it as one of the most entertaining films of the year.

Knives Out can be strong in the chance. It picks up the WGA and PGA nominations.

In the final slot, it is not exaggerating to add Ford v Ferrari as the prospective film to attain the Best Picture. Indeed, Ford v Ferrari is one of the most interesting box office phenomenon.

But we cannot neglect the chances for the other titles such as The Farewell, The Two Popes, as well as Bombshell. Leading up to the Oscars 2020, The Two Popes has such prospect to the Best Picture Nomination.

Although some folks are pretty optimistic that The Two Popes could attain the Best Picture, the achievement won’t likely happen because of the strong contenders. To the latter, this Netflix film missed the PGA and WGA nominations.

There’s also the possibility that The Farewell could score the nomination. Obviously, having the PGA nomination cannot promise that one film to get the Oscars Best Picture. Here is the complete list of the predicted films that could go with the Best Picture this year’s Oscars.

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