FAQ – Who’s Hosting the Oscars 2020?

Amongst the many frequently asked questions revolving around the internet, “Who’s hosting Oscars 2020” appears as the most popular in recent days. If you have a sort of question, we can confidently answer with a short answer: There is no one.

Who is Hosting the Oscars 2020?

Now, for the long answer, read this until finish so you will know the reason why.

Actually, it is not the first time that Oscars run without a main host. Well, we did actually experience it in the previous Oscars. It is true that the Oscars 2019 held without the host. It happened after Kevin Hart stepped down from the host.

Back then, a series of mini hosts replace him as the host of the show. Not all folks were up to this. But it did work! Therefore, it is not surprising that the Oscars officials could once again let the event without a host to take place.

An Oscars event, with or without a host, is unstoppable. It does not make the big movie fans to stop loving what they see. Audiences across the globe, for whatever reasons, will tune into their favorite channel to watch the 92nd Oscars of February 9, 2020.

If you are in the line of the viewers out there, you must be prepared that this year’s Oscars will come without a host. For the second consecutive year, the most awaited event in the film industry will not rely on the host no more.

Why Oscars 2020 will have no host again. But it is time to chill and relax because we know that back then the previous Oscars was a success. The officials themselves made it to the public that there would be no traditional host this year.

ABC had put such considerable efforts to bring the entertainment emerging on the surface. When we look at the previous Oscars, the ABC channel confirmed that the no-host Oscar has such higher rating. But it was also because the movies involved in the Oscars 2019 are popular and mesmerizing. The Oscars awarded “Green Book” with the Best Picture.

But it is possibly because the Academy has yet to find the best host for the upcoming Oscars, again. Well, we must agree that Kevin Hart was not the best choice because of his homophobic stuff on Twitter back then. Then, the other candidates might not seem strong for the Academy. The officials would rather drop it rather than having the potential to ruin the entire event.

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