Best Picture Nominees 2021 in Oscars

It goes without saying that everybody who’s watching the Oscars is waiting for the moment of truth from the Best Picture category.

Best Picture Nominees 2021 in Oscars

In each Oscar edition, there are around five to ten films that are competing for the price.

While these movies can be coming from a wide array of genres, the interesting fact lies in the different matter. There is no rule to slate the nominees of the Best Picture. The same things apply to the winner of the category.

Whatever comes out as the winner of Best Picture, Hollywood designates it as a benchmark in the film industry.

The film that wins will delegate the true vision of the American movie industry. Some folks who are in love with Superhero movies might not agree with this. But this is what really happens at the Oscars. It is not seldom to see lower-budget films get nominations for Oscars.

We won’t also overlook the fact that the pandemic has turned the table. Most fellow movie lovers and fans should be benched at home to enjoy their favorite movies on a much smaller screen. In turn, it would also affect the film industry badly. Streaming is the new normal nowadays. But then the question still remains is how it would affect the theater’s attendees.

However, it is still too early to be pessimistic about the list of the Best Picture nominations for Oscars 2021. The list is actually great. And if you have watched most of the films in the list, you can be one of the luckiest folks on earth to date.

Although there’s no significant set of rules to determine the films that deserve to helm the Best Picture nominations, these nominated pieces are mostly about politics, business, history, etc.

The films nominated this year are also inspiring and aspiring. There are two films that center on the characters who are struggling to recover from hearing loss and memory loss. There are two more films which revolve around politics and activities. One is about a court case. And the other one is about the state-sanctioned association. The final two films are about the American Dream. One is about a Korean-American family who’d want to take a chance in a new land. The other one is about folks in the contemporary west.

Which one can win the Best Picture? If you have the money, which film you will want to put your money on?

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