Over 70 celebrities signed an open letter criticizing the current Oscar changes

Award winners James Cameron, Kathleen Kennedy, John Williams and Guillermo del Toro wrote to the Academy to ask them to reconsider a controversial plan that they fear will result in certain candidates being regarded as “second-class citizens. “The Academy had come to a consensus.

open letter criticizing the current Oscar changes
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“Degradation” of filmmaking talents would occur if five “below the line” prizes and three short film awards are given an hour before the Oscars, according to the letter.

More than a dozen people from various professional groups and academic institutions have signed on to this open letter of support. This year’s nominees, Jane Campion and Steven Spielberg, are also included.

There will be eight categories in which these clips will be used live: film editing, make-up and hairstyling, original music, sound design, short documentary on a specific subject matter, animated short, and live-action video.

After Desplat, Newman, Hildur Gunadottir, and Williams, they signed a letter that was sent out this week (who has the most Oscar nominations of any living composer).
This is a promise that has been made by people like Rubin and school CEO Dawn Hudson.

Despite the outcry, the show’s production is going forward. Wednesday, ABC aired a segment on it. This year’s hosts are Amy Schumer, Regina Hall, and Wanda Sykes.

Due to a pandemic, last year’s Oscars saw a record low viewership. The Academy will have to make some tough decisions this year.

Many people in the film industry and in the Academy are divided on this issue. A larger audience would be damaging to the art form the Oscars are intended to honor since, they say, the show is more than just a TV show. Some critics believe that the Academy’s new fan favorite award, which allows people to vote for their favorite film of 2021 through Twitter, worsens the situation. According to this (the winner of the online contest will not get an Oscar).

It was recommended by the Academy last year that four award events would be excluded from the live broadcast of the 2019 Oscars, but they backed down only weeks before the ceremony. To avoid this happening this year, ABC wants the Academy to make long needed changes to the telecast.

Filmmakers and Oscar winners from Hollywood are urging the Academy to rethink pre-recording eight categories before the March 27 live event.

Guillermo del Toro and James Cameron signed the open letter to Academy President David Rubin.

Variety believes that this would diminish these transactions and put them to the status of “second-class citizens.

The Academy wants to unveil the candidates and edit the winner’s acceptance speech within the three-hour show.

An email from David Rubin on February 22 says this was done to “encourage involvement and keep the program dynamic, flowing, and current.”

Rubin and the other Academy board members are being urged to rethink their opinions by the filmmakers’ appeal.

The letter’s 65 signatories include composer John Williams, who is 90 years old. Williams has been nominated for 52 awards. Filmmakers Dante Spinotti and Vittorio Storaro are among those who have signed.

Filmmakers including Steven Spielberg, Denis Villeneuve, and Jane Campion have criticized them. Spielberg is hopeful that the Academy’s decision will be overturned, but he is also cautious.

All of us hope that the Academy awakens before the Oscars. We must keep fighting for those who are important and recognized in the film business as long as the Academy does not prioritize them.

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